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Update on Atlas Shrugged Movie, September 3, 2004

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TOC Fall Conference
Please join us on October 30, 2004 in New York city for a celebration of achievement! It will be best stock trading platform a day to celebrate Objectivist values and apply the Objectivist world-view to life and success. For more information, visit the TOC Website.

The 'Lost' Parts of Ayn Rand's Playboy Interview
This month marks the fortieth anniversary of Ayn Rand's influential Playboy interview. Recently, Don Hauptman acquired the original stock trading platform manuscript materials of the interview. In this article from The Objectivist Center's Navigator, he reveals the questions and answers that were not published and provides an inside look at how Rand and the magazine's staff collaborated to create this landmark document.

A Conversation with Alexandra York
Erika Holzer interviews Alexandra York, author of Crosspoints—recently reviewed on this site.

Erika Holzer reviews Crosspoints, a new novel by Alexandra York
Novelist Erika Holzer, who studied fiction-writing under Ayn Randís mentorship, gives glowing praise to a new Romantic novel by Alexandra York—another writer inspired by Rand.

Rand References in the Media
Media references to Ayn Rand. Frequently updated.

Celebrity Ayn Rand Fans
A growing archive of celebrities who credit Rand as influences in their lives. Frequently updated.
»The latest entry: John Stossel credits Ayn Rand for his political views.

Anthem movie news: Writer-producers Jim Snider and Kerry OíQuinn announced that they have best stock trading platform in Kenya acquired the films rights to Ayn Randís Anthem, according to their news release dated January 19, 2004. They are currently at work on a script, and hope to begin independent production during 2004. A short novel about a nightmarish collectivist future, in which all references to individual identity have been eradicated, Anthem has sold over three million copies during its 66 years in print.

We the Living to play in San Francisco
Ayn Rand's film classic, We the Living, will be shown in San Franciscoís famous Castro Theatre†for two days only, Wednesday and Thursday March 3-4, 2004, at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p. m.††Advance purchase discount tickets are now available; email for details.

Following its San Francisco engagement, the much-honored film—which stars film legends Alida Valli and Rossano Brazzi—will be shown in New York City, Chicago, and as many as forty other U. S. and Canadian cities. Further information about the film, and the dates and places of future screenings, will be made available on the†We the Living web site:

The climactic speech from Anthem
Listen to the heroís climactic speech from Ayn Randís Anthem, performed by Paul Meier. Excerpted from The Atlas Societyís recording of the novel.

We the Living film to be re-released in theaters

Objectivist Yellow Pages
Would you like others who are interested in Ayn Randís ideas to know about you? You can now advertise your name, interests, skills, and contact information at this free online site:

New Forum: Meet Members

Anthem: An Appreciation
Dr. Stephen Cox on Ayn Rand's classic story: Anthem.

About Objectivism
The Philosophy of Ayn Rand

Anthem Audio
Ayn Randís timeless story of the triumph of the individual spirit. Now an exciting new audio recording from The Atlas Society! Listen to a sound clip.

"The World of Atlas Shrugged"
Own this exciting audio product celebrating Ayn Rand's greatest novel! Listen to a sound clip of the dramatic opening moments from "The World of Atlas Shrugged."

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A special announcement: Important changes in The Atlas Society

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On April 12, 2001, The Atlas Society -- an international organization for the many admirers of the fiction of Ayn Rand -- officially launches its public activities and opens for membership.

Enjoy your tour of the site. But to get the most out of it, join as a member of The Atlas Society. Find out more about the many benefits of TAS membership.

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