Celebrating the Fiction of Ayn Rand

Dollar SignThe Atlas Society is a global online community linking those who admire the fiction of Ayn Rand, including Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Participants on this Web site can explore their interests in this important author through an ever-growing archive of news, essays, and background information, as well as exciting interactive discussions, publications, and products. The TAS Web site is divided into three sections:

Section 1: The Atlas Society
Find out about Society activities, and links to other useful web sites.

Section 2: Rand and her work
Learn more about Ayn Rand and her novels, plays, and short stories. You'll find biographies and bibliographies, story analyses, timelines and synopses, plus a complete compendium of Rand's many unforgettable characters.

Section 3: Interact
Join The Atlas Society - then participate here in discussion groups; enter contests, games, and polls; and post your own fiction or essays.

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The Objectivist CenterThe Atlas Society is a division of The Objectivist Center, an internationally recognized source of information and advocacy for Objectivism, the philosophy originated by Ayn Rand. To learn more about the Center and its activities, visit www.objectivistcenter.org or call 800-374-1776

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