Ayn Rand Fiction

Ayn Rand was the prolific author of thought-provoking novels, plays, short stories, and screenplays. A complete listing of her published fiction appears below.

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Completing Rand's Literary Theory  New!
Noted literary scholar Stephen Cox maps promising new paths for exploring and developing Ayn Rand's philosophy of literature

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Ayn Rand's Fictional World

Celebrity Ayn Rand Fans:
Clarence Thomas
Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert
Football Great Adam Vinatieri

Atlas Shrugged (1957)
This is Ayn Rand’s masterwork – her monumental story of the man who swore he would stop the motor of the world...and did! It is the novel in which Rand first presented and dramatized her radical morality of rational self-interest – and which has launched a philosophical revolution.
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The Fountainhead (1943)
The powerful novel that made Ayn Rand famous: the story of a rebellious individualist, architect Howard Roark – and his battle to live and work by his own standards.
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Anthem (1938)
A beautifully written and inspiring novelette of a man who, in a totally collectivist future, rediscovers his own sense of selfhood.
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We the Living (1936)
The dramatic story of one young woman’s struggle for freedom during Russian Revolution, as she is torn between two men: the aristocrat she loves, and the dangerous communist who loves her.
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Night of January 16th (1936)
This exciting courtroom melodrama ran successfully on Broadway, and is a staple of the amateur stage. Its "gimmick" is that the jury is chosen from the audience – and how they decide the trial is determined by their philosophies.
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Ideal (1934)
The theme of this bitter play centers on people’s willingness to betray their highest values. It appears in the anthology of Rand’s work titled The Early Ayn Rand.
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Unconquered (1938)
Ayn Rand adapted this play from her novel, We the Living. Though it ran on Broadway briefly, it was not successful. It has not yet been published.

Think Twice (1939)
A clever murder mystery, and the first of Rand’s mature works, this play appears in the collection The Early Ayn Rand.

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Short Stories
The Husband I Bought (1926)
Good Copy (1927?)
Escort (1929)
Her Second Career (1929)

These early short stories were not intended for publication, but written while Ayn Rand was still learning her literary craft and gaining familiarity with the English language. They have considerable charm, however, and contain the seeds of ideas and values that would characterize her mature work.

These stories and others are anthologized in The Early Ayn Rand. To buy this book online, please click here.

The Simplest Thing in the World (1940)
This short story, which shows how an artist’s values affect his creative processes, appears in Ayn Rand’s nonfiction work, The Romantic Manifesto: A Philosophy of Literature. To order this book online, please click here.

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