Ayn Rand: Her Ideas

Please visit these links for more info on the ideas and philosophy of Ayn Rand...
Interested in Ayn Rand's ideas? Learn all about her philosophy at The Objectivist Center's Summer Seminar.

About Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand New!

The Objectivist Center: The world's most respected source for information about Ayn Rand's philosophy. The Objectivist Center is the parent organization for The Atlas Society

Completing Rand's Literary Theory by Stephen Cox  

A Philosophy for the 21st Century by David Kelley

Romanticism in Everyday Life by Robert James Bidinotto

The Revolutionary Philosophy of Atlas Shrugged by Robert James Bidinotto Members Only

Outline of "Galt's Speech" by David Kelley Members Only

"Good Future:" How Ayn Rand Contributed To Mine by Erika Holzer

Ayn Rand Encyclopedia Entry -- Background article about Ayn Rand by philosopher Stephen Hicks, at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

The Objectivism Store: A comprehensive catalog of books, tapes, videos and other products for readers of Ayn Rand's work.

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