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  • Hauntingly beautiful still photos from the film of Ayn Rand's We the Living
  • The amazing history of the We the Living film, written by an insider to the film's restoration project
  • The fascinating story of Ayn Rand's professional and social relationship with Frank Lloyd Wright, whose architectural ideas served as the background for her novel The Fountainhead
  • A professional philosopher's outline of the logical arguments presented in "Galt's Speech" in Atlas Shrugged
  • The literary merits of Ayn Rand's novels, written by a noted scholar
  • A unique graphic representation of the key psychological differences among the major characters of The Fountainhead
  • An expert's survey of the remarkable films based on Ayn Rand's novels
  • An explanation of Ayn Rand's distinctive literary method
  • An overview of the basic principles of her challenging philosophy, Objectivism

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