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If you enjoy the fiction of Ayn Rand and her "Romantic Realist" artistic vision, you may also enjoy the perspectives, information, and products that you will find at the following Web sites. We aim to add to these listings frequently, so please revisit this page often.

Ayn Rand's Personal Favorites
Ayn Rand publicly proclaimed her admiration for these artists and writers, and information about them can be found at the following Web Sites:
The Noel Coward Society -- Web site of the British-based membership organization devoted to the life and career of a sophisticated writer of plays and songs much appreciated by Rand.

The Nevil Shute Foundation -- Web site for fans of the outstanding twentieth-century author of On the Beach and many other novels, whom Rand greatly admired.

Cyrano de Bergerac -- Ayn Rand called Edmund Rostand's Cyrano de Bergerac the greatest play ever written. This Web site offers extensive background and discussion about the play.

Edmond Rostand -- a Web page from a fine literary research site, offering concise biographical and bibliographical information about the great Romantic dramatist.

The Unofficial Mickey Spillane Mike Hammer Site -- Rand loved the "moralistic style" in Mickey Spillane's popular novels about detective Mike Hammer. This impressive fan site is devoted to Mike and Mickey.

Victor Hugo in Memorandum -- Dedicated to the great 19th century French Romantic writer Victor Hugo, Rand's favorite fiction author.

Victor Hugo FanSpace -- A fan page linking to Hugo biographies, bibliographies, quotations, and related Web sites.

The Sergei Rachmaninoff Web Pages-- A site celebrating the life and work of composer, conductor, and pianist Sergei Rachmaninoff. Rand said Rachmaninoff was the only composer whose work she completely enjoyed.

Fred Astaire -- Like Bill Robinson, Fred Astaire's unique integration of ballet and tap put him at the apex of dancers whom Ayn Rand most admired. Here are several links to excellent Web sites devoted to the man who defined elegance in dance:

Friedrich Schiller -- Web site for Friedrich Schiller, who ranked with Edmund Rostand as among the world's greatest playwrights, according to Rand.

Paintings of Vermeer -- For the life and paintings of renowned Dutch master Johannes Vermeer -- in Rand's opinion, "the greatest of all artists."

Wright on the Web -- An excellent online source of information about Frank Lloyd Wright, the architect whose innovative designs served as a basis for the architectural ideas Ayn Rand advanced in her novel The Fountainhead.

Frank Lloyd Wright -- Excellent background and many links at this site for the PBS documentary by noted film producer Ken Burns.

Ian Fleming -- Fan site for the colorful creator of James Bond, one of Rand's favorite popular fiction characters.

Fritz Lang: Master of Darkness -- The British Film Institute's site devoted to director Fritz Lang, whom Rand regarded as exemplifying "film direction at its best."

Rod Serling Resource Site -- Many links to information about the television writer very much admired by Rand.

Donald Hamilton -- "Matt Helm: The Unofficial Homepage," for fans of Donald Hamilton, a thriller writer whose work Rand enjoyed.

Please note: Though the people, organizations, and publications listed below all cite Ayn Rand as a major influence, they should not necessarily be taken as consistent representatives of her aesthetic or philosophical views. Nor should their listing here necessarily be taken either as our unreserved endorsement, or as their endorsement of The Atlas Society.

Artists And Art Works Inspired By Ayn Rand

The following are links to some excellent contemporary artists who publicly proclaim Ayn Rand as a major influence upon their work.

Architecture by Frederick Clifford Gibson Architect & Associates-- Website of architect Frederick Clifford Gibson.

David Knowles Art -- Web site for Romantic Realist painter David Knowles. -- Web site of novelist Erika Holzer, who studied the craft of fiction with Ayn Rand.

Joan Mitchell Blumenthal -- Web site for painter Joan Mitchell Blumenthal, an early associate of Ayn Rand

JRB Records' "Rachmaninoff Premieres" -- Excellent studio versions of Rachmaninoff pieces, performed and produced by recording artist Jeffrey Reid Baker. Baker is a fan of Ayn Rand's work, and his "one-man-band record company" creates unusual recordings of classical and popular favorites.

Michael Newberry -- Website of painter Michael Newberry.

Michael Shapiro -- The Web site of Mike Shapiro, composer of film scores and of the sound track for The Atlas Society's "Anthem" audio recording.

Michael Wilkinson -- Website of sculptor Michael Wilkinson.

Music With An Ayn Rand Connection -- An unusual site that archives musical pieces (many quite obscure) that Ayn Rand enjoyed, or that figured in her film soundtracks.

Paintings by Theo Van Oostrom -- Web site of painter Theo van Oostrom.

Quent Cordair Fine Art-- The Quent Cordair Gallery, a source for fine Romantic Realist art, much of which is inspired by Rand's ideas and work.

Romantic Realism Fine Art -- An online store featuring the works of contemporary Romantic artists, and whose essayists advance Ayn Rand's aesthetic vision.

Sandra J. Shaw Studio -- Website of sculptress Sandra Shaw.

Stuart Mark Feldman -- “Sculpture in the image of Man” by a great contemporary sculptor who was inspired by Rand.

Perspectives On Ayn Rand, Her Ideas, and Her Artistic Vision
The Objectivist Center -- The Objectivist Center, the Web site of the world's most respected independent source of information about Ayn Rand's philosophy and aesthetic vision. Offers seminars, courses, a monthly journal, literature, products, and speakers on every aspect of Rand's ideas, plus events that link its international membership. The Objectivist Center is the parent organization for The Atlas Society.

The Objectivism Store -- The Objectivism Store is the publishing and mail-order service of The Objectivist Center, which provides a vast array of literature, audio and video products, and specialty items related to Ayn Rand.

All About Ayn Rand -- All About Ayn Rand provides you with information about Ayn Rand's life, her writings, and her ideas.

American Renaissance for the 21st Century -- Web site of ART - American Renaissance for the 21st Century. Founded by individuals influenced by Rand's aesthetics, this organization promotes objective standards in all art forms.

Aristos -- Online home of Aristos, A Journal on the Arts, whose publishers are strongly influenced by Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand Encyclopedia Entry -- Background article about Ayn Rand by philosopher Stephen Hicks, at the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies -- scholarly journal in which academics debate and analyze Ayn Rand’s philosophy from a variety of perspectives.

The Radical Capitalist -- Provocative analysis and commentary on contemporary issues from this publication by Objectivist writer Dan Roentsch.

Stephen Hicks -- Web site of the contemporary Objectivist philosopher, teacher, author, and speaker.

Other Links of Interest
Ayn Rand's New York -- Walking tour of New York exploring the novelist's life and fiction

The Atlasphere -- a community-building web site for networking, both professionally and personally, among admirers of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. -- Web site challenging environmentalism on the philosophical grounds of Rand’s rational individualism. Edited by The Atlas Society’s founder and editor, Robert Bidinotto.

Max Steiner Homepage -- a site devoted to the famous movie composer who scored such great films as The Fountainhead, Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Now, Voyager, and many others. You can also purchase the score from The Fountainhead.

Miss Liberty's Unofficial Atlas Shrugged Movie Homepage -- From the foremost source of libertarian-themed films and TV programs.

Objectivist Yellow Pages -- Would you like others who are interested in Ayn Rand’s ideas to know about you? You can now advertise your name, interests, skills, and contact information at this free online site.

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