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Rules and Policies for The Atlas Society

These interactive sections are intended to help TAS members better understand and appreciate Ayn Rand's fiction, and to meet others who share their interests

We encourage spirited, wide-ranging discussion of all aspects of Rand's art, including her aesthetic theories. However, these interactive sections are not places for debating and arguing over Ayn Rand's general philosophy (i. e., her ethics or politics) or personal life.

Discussion Forums: Forum participants are welcome to exchange views on such topics as the artistic merits of Rand's fiction, its personal value to them as readers, its public influence, her aesthetic views, how her fiction compares with works by other authors, how her work may have influenced one's own writing and career, etc. We ask participants to keep messages reasonably brief, and to stay on the topics relevant to a given forum.

Fiction Posting Area: Members are invited to post samples from their own fiction, including excerpts from novels, plays, short stories, screenplays, music lyrics, and other fiction forms.

Essay Posting Area: Members may also post essays on Ayn Rand, her fiction, its spiritual and aesthetic qualities, her literary theories, comparisons with other writers, or on aesthetics in general.

The Rules:

1. In all the interactive sections we expect civility and good taste. Personal insults, profanity, obscenity, long-winded philosophical proselytizing, and other postings that the moderator deems offensive will be removed from the site and the offender will be warned. Chronic violators of the spirit and aims of these forums will lose their membership privileges in The Atlas Society.

2. Also, everyone should be aware that posted material is the copyrighted property of its creator. Participants should strictly respect the creator's rights and refrain from copying and circulating such material, unless specific permission is granted by its author. By the same token, however, those posting material here must realize that it may be difficult or impossible to prevent illegal copying or plagiarism. For that reason, consider carefully what you are willing to post, and in how much detail.

3. To discourage abuses, all those posting will be identified by a username and their e-mail address. We ask you to notify the moderator if you believe someone is violating the policies and spirit of this Web site

4. TAS reserves the rights to edit or delete any posted message on our discussion forums that does not conform to these rules and policies, and to terminate without notice the membership of anyone violating these rules. TAS also reserves the right to pursue legal action against anyone who deliberately acts to undermine the values provided by participation in TAS discussion forums, to include anyone who posts fraudulent, deceptive, abusive, or libelous messages, or who sends the same to other TAS participants.

That said, we now hope you'll enjoy this unique opportunity to share your literary views and interests with others worldwide

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