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The Atlas Shrugged TV miniseries

April 9, 2001 update

As many fans of Ayn Rand's epic novel already know, Atlas Shrugged is slated to be adapted this year by Turner Network Television (TNT) as a two-evening television miniseries. Oscar-winning producer Albert S. Ruddy (The Godfather) will produce the film based on a script by Susan Black.

The original plans were to start shooting this spring. However, there have been production delays due to the merger of AOL and Time-Warner (of which Turner is a division). Also, according to Jeannie Williams' column in the March 14 edition of USA Today, the forthcoming actors' strike has interfered with casting.

"Ruddy is fine-tuning the budget and locations," Williams writes, "but doesn't want to be forced into production without the actors he thinks are best. No new shooting schedule is set."

The Atlas Society Web site will continually update visitors on the status of the miniseries by providing the most accurate information as it becomes available.

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