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Rare Rand Items Available at Auction

Two exceedingly rare items of early Ayn Rand memorabilia are currently open for bids at an online auction Web site.

One is a first edition of Hollywood, Rand’s second work to appear in print. Published in Russian under her real name, Alyssa Rosenbaum, this heavily illustrated, 42-page monograph appeared in Moscow in 1926. It constituted Rand’s tribute to her favorite silent-film-era film stars, and to the American film capital that she so admired (and in which she later became employed as a screenwriter).

The second item is a scathing five-page draft critique by Rand of an NBC television adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac, her favorite play. This original draft consists of three typewritten pages (with Rand’s own handwritten editing marks and changes) and two entirely handwritten pages. The final version of this review was published later in her Los Angeles Times newspaper column.

This online auction closes on June 24th. For further details and to place bids, go to the Alexander Autographs Web site,, and type “Ayn Rand” in the “search” box on its home page.

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