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Ayn Rand: Still a Best-selling Author

Over twenty years after her death, Ayn Randís works continue to sell at bestseller levels. In fact, sales of Randís books have reached all-time highs.

According to Penguin/Putnam, publisher of her books, sales of their paperback editions of her masterwork, Atlas Shrugged, exceeded 140,000 copies in 2002, up ten percent from the preceding year. Sales of Anthem soared an astonishing twenty percent. Combined sales of all four of her novels in paperback (which also include The Fountainhead and We the Living) exceeded 374,000 copies. That level is higher than any since Randís death in 1982.

If we add to this total purchases of hardcovers, book club editions, plus Randís nonfiction works, total annual sales of her books in English is about 500,000 copies per year. By any measure, that qualifies Ayn Rand as a best-selling author, and one of the most successful and influential ďbacklistĒ authors in the history of publishing.

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