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Celebrity Ayn Rand Fan: John Stossel of ABC News

The February 11, 2004 issue of The Daily Princetonian—the Princeton University student newspaper—carries an interview with John Stossel, the famous investigative reporter for ABC News. Stossel’s hard-hitting TV specials and reports on the show “20/20” are grounded explicitly in a libertarian philosophy. According to the newspaper’s interview with Stossel, he credits his political conversion from liberal to libertarian to several sources, including Reason magazine and its former editor Virginia Postrel. He goes on: “Ayn Rand and a book by Charles Murray called In Pursuit of Happiness and Good Government have also influenced me.” And among those whom he acknowledges in his new bestseller, Give Me a Break, is David Kelley, executive director of The Objectivist Center, which promotes Rand’s philosophy.

Read the story online.

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