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For Sale: An original Atlas Shrugged manuscript page

Henry Mark Holzer, one-time attorney for Ayn Rand, has asked us to announce that he is offering for purchase a rare, original manuscript page of Atlas Shrugged.

The page—typewritten by Ayn Rand, and containing extensive editing written in her own hand—is likely one of the last such pages of the novel available for purchase, as her final manuscript drafts are now in the Library of Congress. According to Mr. Holzer, this page is from an earlier draft, likely the penultimate one.

At one point, Rand gave a number of manuscript pages to former friend and associate Barbara Branden, who in turn gave this page to Mr. Holzer and his wife, Erika.

In the published Random House hardcover edition, the text appears at page 846—an exchange between Dagny and James Taggart from Part III, chapter 3, “Anti-greed.” The manuscript page begins with the sentence near the top of the published page, “Don’t you see that they’ve got us hogtied,” and ends ten lines down, with the words, "…hid his true motive." In the manuscript version, that final line appears as “…a reassuring identification which hid him from the truth.” Rand numbered the page “(173)” in its upper right-hand corner.

Ayn Rand memorabilia fetch high prices from collectors, and continue to appreciate in value each year. Currently, first-edition copies of the published Atlas Shrugged that bear personal inscriptions by Rand are being priced by rare book dealers for as much as $30,000. For this unique and rare Atlas Shrugged manuscript page, Mr. Holzer will consider bids starting at $15,000.

Those interested may contact Mr. Holzer by e-mail at: hank@henrymarkholzer.com

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