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New Forum: Meet Members

By popular demand, The Atlas Society is opening a new forum—“Meet Members”—an online meeting place where you can introduce yourself to other TAS participants and share personal interests. As with our other forums, we ask only that “Meet Members” participants stay “on topic”—discussing personal interests, values, and activities—and abide by common sense rules of civility, good manners, and good taste. This means we will not permit personal insults, profanity, sexual banter or innuendo, and other posts we deem offensive.

Also, as in our other forums, “Meet Members” is not a place for philosophical or political arguments and essays. Many other Web sites and online discussion groups exist for that purpose. By contrast, The Atlas Society is a place where those interested in Ayn Rand’s fiction and aesthetics can meet, and share their interests in her artistic achievements.

Finally, we remind you that those whom you “meet” online are strangers, and some may misrepresent who they are. We therefore discourage forum participants from revealing overly personal information, private addresses and phone numbers, etc., and strongly advise you against meeting strangers in person without taking sensible precautions. The Atlas Society assumes no responsibility for any consequences that may arise from personal encounters or meetings among those who participate in these forums.

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