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Rush Limbaugh Plugs "Atlas" on His Website

On January 21st, conservative talk show guru Rush Limbaugh—whose program has the largest following of any radio talk program—gave an enthusiastic endorsement to Atlas Shrugged on his Web site.

In an essay titled, "We're All Serfs to Big Government," Limbaugh complained that "successful Americans own no more of the income they produce — by percentage — than did medieval serfs and medieval slaves. The share of their income claimed by the I.R.S. is equal to the claim demanded by feudal lords! It's as if the world needs to take up Ayn Rand on her book. Atlas should shrug."

The Web page reproduces the cover of Rand's novel, and also features a link to where it can be ordered online. You can visit this page on the Rush Limbaugh Web site

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