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A special announcement: Important changes in The Atlas Society

Until now, The Atlas Society has been a membership-based program. Only dues-paying members could receive full access to the articles, discussion forums, and other items in the password-protected, "members only" areas of this Web site.

However, as of this announcement, the TAS membership program is being terminated.

Instead, anyone who registers here will be granted full and complete access to all areas of this Web site, free of charge. When you register, you will be issued a password that will allow you to explore the complete TAS information archives, and to participate in our online discussion forums and contests.

Our founding goal was to build a broad-based international community of those who admire Ayn Rand's fiction. And each month, thousands visit the TAS Web site, finding exceptional value in the offerings here.

We have decided to make this important change in order to encourage even broader participation in the Society -- and also to concentrate our efforts on building this Web site.

We think these changes will better serve our ultimate objective: to build a global community among those who appreciate Ayn Rand's remarkable achievements.

So if you enjoy the style, spirit, and sense of life of Ayn Rand's stories -- if her ennobled vision of human potential has touched your soul -- if her ideas have enriched your understanding of the world -- then I cordially invite you to join The Atlas Society today.


Robert Bidinotto
Director, The Atlas Society

If you are a member of TAS, you already have been registered with your current username and password.

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