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There are an overwhelming number of Web sites related to Ayn Rand-far too many for us to list, or for you to easily explore. So we've been trolling the Internet to find and list only those sites that will provide you the best, most comprehensive and inclusive information related to Ayn Rand's fiction and aesthetic vision. Be sure to visit our Links Page often because we'll constantly update the URL's listed there.

Have you tried out our Search tool?

Remember Renee Slottern? Probably not. But just type in her name--or any other name, place, or concept related to Ayn Rand, her life, her fiction, or her ideas--and chances are you'll find references on this Web site. It's a great tool whether for serious research, or simply for the fun of poking into the corners of Rand's vast fictional and philosophical universe.

Want to know more about Ayn Rand, her life, and her work?

In Ayn Rand, you'll find: In Her Fiction and you'll find a complete listing of her published novels, plays, and short stories.

In Her Films lists every movie in which Ayn Rand or her work played a role.

In Her Ideas, there is a brief introduction to Rand's ideas, "A Philosophy for the 21st Century," by philosopher David Kelley.

But what's hiding in the "Members Only" area?

If the literary craftsmanship of Atlas Shrugged interests you, you'll find an overview of the novels many aesthetic values in Robert Bidinotto's Atlas Shrugged As Literature.

If it's been a long time since you've read the story, refresh your memory with the detailed Atlas Shrugged Plot Synopsis.

And for something totally unique, the Atlas Shrugged Timeline is the most complete guide yet available to the complex sequence of events in Rand's greatest novel.

But maybe your personal favorite among Rand's stories is The Fountainhead. For you, we've posted a thought-provoking chart that compares and contrasts the premises, motives, methods, and outcomes for the novel's major characters.

We've also posted Dr. Stephen Cox's brilliant analysis in The Literary Achievement of The Fountainhead.

Perhaps you've wanted to know more about The Films of Ayn Rand; if so, you'll enjoy Stephen Cox's in-depth survey of "Love Letters," "You Came Along," and "The Fountainhead."

But we've not forgotten Rand's "forgotten film," either. We've also posted film producer Duncan Scott's fascinating history, We the Living: A Rediscovered Film Classic, along with Robert Bidinotto's review of the film from Reason magazine, plus a selection of beautiful still shots from that memorable movie.

We've also added Susan McCloskey's How to Read a Novel--an appreciation of the many veins of literary gold to be mined from both The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

And if your interests lean toward the ideas dramatized in Rand's magnum opus, you'll appreciate Robert Bidinotto's summary essay, The Revolutionary Philosophy of Atlas Shrugged, and Dr. David Kelley's new and highly original Outline of Galt's Speech. Robert also takes a look at Ayn Rand's plays and short stories in his Boston Herald review of the anthology, The Early Ayn Rand.

And don't forget the member discussion forums, polls, and areas to post your own fiction and your own essays.

All this and much more comes with your membership in The Atlas Society. So if you aren't yet a member, join today!

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